Bought a wedding dress from the Internet, it's a disaster, it doesn't fit but I love the design, can you fix it?
Yes, we can fix it for you just like what you want in most of the cases, depends on the dress materials, cutting and structure.

Found a wedding gown that I love from a bridal store, but I would like to add a few details to make it as my dream dress, can you help?
We can restyle your whole dress or just add a minor touch to make it unique for you. Let us know your idea and we will do the work for you.

Bought a bridal gown from a store, there's a minimum charges for their inhouse alterations, how much do you charge?
We don't have minimum charges and we only alter what needed to be altered. You don't have to spend extra money at the place you got it from as they usually charge more than local seamstress.

I'm planning to wear my Mum's vintage wedding dress for my wedding but would like to alter the dress to make it a little more modern?
Yes, we work on delicate wedding gown, shouldn’t have any problem altering your memorable vintage gown based on your requirements.

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